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Courses for 2021

As remote and hybrid working is set to continue, we have shaped these courses to reflect the relevant needs:

Raising and Restoring Confidence

Amongst the consequences of 2020, is that familiar infrastructures  have either disappeared altogether or been distorted.  One of the outcomes is that areas of certainty  and where we’ve been  unconsciously competent, might have altered. From being sure – footed, there is now a measure of apprehension. Recognising the psychological effects is the first step in increasing and improving levels of confidence.  This course explores  some strategies which can  support us in the confidence raising programme and help us back onto solid ground.   One – day course outline   Analysis (pre – course preparation)  
  • What’s changed? Does anything concern you now that didn’t bother you before?
  • How is any dip in  confidence manifesting?
  • Describe the blockages to optimum confidence as a physical presence – sight, sound, smell, taste and texture.
  • What do you want to retain and why is it important?
  • Is there anything from pre – 2020 that you would prefer to discard?
  • What difficulties have you overcome in the past?
  Self Management  
  • The relative attributes of your best and worst ever managers.
  • How are you managing yourself by comparison?
  • How do you want to be?
  • Recognising what Increases and decreases our feelings of well – being.
  • Radiators and drains -considering the people in your life. How to insulate against the drains.
  • Worries – ways to take control
  The Inner Dialogue  
  • What do you say to yourself?
  • When do any negative messages switch on, or are they a constant hum?
  • Are any old scripts re- emerging?
  • Understanding what generates behaviour.
  • How to re – tune to a more positive programme.
Accelerating Confidence    
  • Incremental steps to confidence – the power of small challenges and changes.
  • How to set the most useful objectives
  • Identifying the relevant personal permissions.
  • Recreating times of maximum confidence and positivity.
  • Reviewing and reshaping times of negativity.
  The Symbiotic Relationship Between Confidence and Assertiveness  
  • Qualities of assertive and confident communication
  • Visual – body language and facial expression
  • Vocal – speed, volume, pitch, clarity and inflection
  • Verbal – words
  • Assertive techniques – basic, persistence, negotiation / empathetic
  • Summary, review and questions
  • Action planning

Creating a Communications Strategy for Team Cohesion and Connection

Remote working means that we need to construct an environment both for efficient dissemination of information and the more informal conversations that are integral to working life. This session looks at ways our digital selves can become more effective and comfortable in order to support the team dynamic and cooperative, collaborative working relationships.


90 minute course outline

  • Conducting a video conference for maximum participation
  • How a video conferencing affects interpersonal communication
  • Timing and frequency of team meetings
  • What does the team need to develop and enhance working relationships?
  • Formats for more informal interaction
  • Group and small group collaboration –  possibilities for problem solving and creativity



  • Maintaining and developing the working relationship dynamic
  • Improving the the sense of interactive working
  • Reduction of separation anxiety
  • Opportunities for fun and spontaneity

Remote Communication to Benefit both Manager and Team

Sometimes there’s no “off switch” with remote team management. The urge to support people and be available must be structured to help productivity, team members and also managers’ own needs. In this one – hour session, we consider methods and relative purposes of communication, how to be visible and approachable whilst maintaining  suitable clear time for yourself.


One – hour course outline

  • Methods and timing of communication
  • Clarifying and conveying availability for general questions and specific issues
  • Explaining response times to emails
  • What team members should do in case of urgency or emergency
  • Planning and distribution of tasks
  • Systems for collaboration with shared information
  • Providing feedback



  • Mutual understanding when and how to knock on management’s door
  • Reassurance for the team about availability of management support and guidance
  • Streamlined information distribution
  • Stress reduction

Critical Factors in Maintaining Motivation

Levels of motivation generally surged as we embarked on the changes brought about by Covid 19. However, fluctuations can set in, especially during times of uncertainty. Managing these helps people to maintain consistent quality, both  of output and working life.

This two – hour session focuses on the fundamentals of motivation with some ideas of ways to  sustain and revive flagging spirits.


Two – hour course outline

  • Comparing motivation theories
  • The effects of change and transition
  • Ways to motivate at different stages
  • Shaping motivation to suit different personality types
  • Motivating through positive communication and high level listening



  • Help to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Better working atmosphere
  • More constructive team attitude
  • Ability to “style flex” according to individual approach

Managing Remote Teams in the 21st Century

Current circumstances mean that either entire or parts of the work force are working from home. Physical separation brings challenges for performance standards and  team cohesion. This half – day course addresses the essential skills on both operational and interpersonal levels to help people adapt and achieve the best outcomes.

Course outline

  • Welcome,  introductions and objectives.
  • Overview of remote working – challenges and opportunities.
  • Understanding your team dynamic, awareness of strengths and development areas.
  • Overview of management styles and situational leadership.
  • Maintaining motivation and trust levels
  • Being visible from a distance – the crucial role of consistency.
  • Creating a communication strategy, common understanding of methods and timing.
  • Rewarding positive behaviour and addressing any negative.
  • Recognising the needs of different personality types.
  • Conducting video conference meetings for optimum engagement.
  • Offering encouragement and emotional support.
  • Creating a safe space for expressing problems.
  • Collective identity, cohesion and connection – opportunities for the firm to interact.
  • Summary, review and questions


  • Deeper appreciation of critical factors in remote management.
  • Understanding of management styles for different situations.
  • Remote communication strategies to support performance standards
  • Recognition of ways to strengthen and support the team. © Candida Bowman 2020

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Based in South West England and London, we are delighted to facilitate training anywhere in the UK.

Candida Bowman


Candida (Candy) Bowman is a soft skills training consultant specialising in confident communication for business, management and personal development.

Starting her training career in media sales, Candy has lead teams from a senior management role, devised and developed companies.

Candy’s training engages the principles of emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness.

Her ethos is that the most effective way to support business growth and quality of working life, is through a culture of healthy communication by positive, confident people who enjoy their jobs. A key fundamental is cooperative, collaborative relationships, which improve both productivity and team cohesiveness.

The dual objectives of confident communication by happy people and buoyant business dovetail into the registered trademark:

Putting a Smile on the Customer Interface TM

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