The Company

Director and Principal trainer

Candida (Candy) Bowman began her sales and training career in media sales at Times Newspapers Limited.

She went on to establish her first business, (Home Matters), that provided housekeeping services to busy Londoners. The company had a part time workforce 40 people, plus a switchboard of skilled suppliers such as plumbers, electricians, builders and decorators. 

After Home Matters, Candida managed an Enterprise Agency in South East London, training and advising start – up businesses. She went on to work as a consultant to Training and Enterprise Councils and Business Links. Following that, she was commissioned to assess the quality of government - funded Enterprise support in several London boroughs.

Candida moved to Somerset where she refurbished a small cottage. It was here that she devised and developed a method of colouring finishing plaster for internal walls and ceilings so that she could circumvent the need for decorating. The product has been granted a British patent

She worked in the music industry for a few years, having been approached by a highly talented musician, asking for help in “kick starting” his first album. It had been deemed to be "excellent" by the major record labels, but too broad in marketing terms. Candida organised the launch publicity, gaining reviews in the Observer, Times, Guardian, Evening Standard, HMV Choice and various music magazines.

She became a partner in the small independent record label. Applying customer service principles, she continued to manage and promote the act, also taking responsibility for stage lighting at live dates.

Candida returned to training in 2003, facilitating both open courses and in - company sessions. Clients have included The Post Office, The Disability Rights Commission (in preparation for almalgamation with the Equal Opportunities Commission and campaign for Racial Equality), EDF Energy, and HSBC, medical and dental practices and SMEs in many different industries.

Candida firmly believes that life should be as rich as possible, and that work should both stimulate and stretch our capabilities.

Her training is highly participative, with a strong motivational flavour.

Candy Bowman