February 2021


As a tribal species, human beings mimic each other's behaviour. One of the best ways this happens is through smiling. Mask wearing reduces the impact, however it does not eliminate it completely. We can fake a smile with the mouth but when shining from the eyes it's genuine . The poem 'Smile', attributed to Spike Milligan but apparently originated by a writer called Jez Alborough, is about starting an epidemic of smiling. It's still relevant in these mask wearing days. When we smile with the eyes we pass on a moment of pleasure. Getting through the dips might just need a split second when things feel fine. Smiling can deliver that magic. Think about something lovely to start the process and everybody wins.


Smiling is infectious
You can catch it like the flu,
When someone smiled at me today,
I started smiling too.

I walked around the corner
And someone saw me grin.
When he smiled I realised
I had passed it on to him.

I thought about the smile
And then realised its worth.
A single smile like mine
Could travel round the earth.

So if you feel a smile begin
Don’t leave it undetected.
Start an epidemic
And get the world infected!


One of the consequences of 2020 is the impact on levels of personal confidence. Familiar infrastructures and parameters have either disappeared altogether or distorted, raising substantial challenges. Recognising how this affects us provides the strength and self awareness we need to form the crucial first step.

Raising and Restoring Confidence



As remote and hybrid working is set to continue, we have shaped a course to reflect the relevant needs:

  • Managing Remote Teams in the 21st Century



There are also three mini sessions of 120, 90 and 60 minutes:

  • Critical Factors in Maintaining Motivation - two hours.



  • Remote Management Communication to Benefit both Manager and Team - one hour. 


  • Creating a Communications Strategy for Team Cohesion and Connection - 90 minutes. 



All outlines are in the "courses" section of the website

Based in South West England and London, we are delighted to facilitate training anywhere in the UK.



Candida (Candy) Bowman is a soft skills training consultant specialing in confident communication for business, management and personal development.

Starting her training career in media sales, Candy has lead teams from a senior management role, devised and developed companies.

Candy's training engages the principles of emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness.

Her ethos is that the most effective way to support business growth and quality of working life, is through a culture of healthy communication by positive, confident people who enjoy their jobs. A key fundamental is cooperative, collaborative relationships, which improve both productivity and team cohesiveness.

The dual objectives of confident communication by happy people and buoyant business dovetail into the registered trademark:

Putting a Smile on the Customer Interface TM

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