July 2020

Most importantly, I hope that you are safe and well.

From the start of lockdown, I've considered how best I could help you navigate a route for your business, management and personal development needs.

This focus, and recent experiences of facilitating training via video conferencing, have prompted me to develop some new material  for the current situation.

I'm therefore delighted to add:


to the Courses section, which can be shaped for either half or full day sessions, or divided into smaller chunks.

The ideal maximum number of participants is eight. Of course, we can accommodate more, although I've found that many more than eight restricts everyone engaging at the optimum level and therefore the benefits from the training.

Please let me know if you would like any more details about this, or if there is any other way that I can help you navigate our new landscape.


Candida (Candy) Bowman is a soft skills training consultant specialing in confident communication for business, management and personal development.

From a starting point in media sales which first propelled her into training, Candy has worked in senior management roles, lead teams, devised and developed companies.

Her ethos is that the most effective way to support business growth and quality of working life, is through a culture of healthy communication by positive, confident people who enjoy their jobs. Another outcome to this approach is cooperative, collaborative relationships, which improve both productivity and team cohesiveness.

The dual objectives of confident communication by happy people and buoyant business dovetail into the registered trademark:

Putting a Smile on the Customer Interface TM

Candy's training engages the principles of emotional intelligence and personal effectiveness.

The courses tab on the left lists our training subjects. Do let us know if you need any adjustments to the main content in order to meet your priorities.

Based in South West England and London, we are delighted to facilitate training anywhere in the UK.

To discuss your training needs, please get in touch:

              Telephone: 0333 123 1332

              Mobile:      07971 865036

              Email:       training@cbpm.co.uk



            We look forward to hearing from you.


Two of our course outlines, 'Structuring and Delivering Successful Presentations' and 'Client Relationship Management Strategy Development' are showing only part of the content. Many apologies for the inconvenience while we make the necessary adjustments. Please let us know If you would like to see either of these outlines and we shall email you a copy.


Thanks very much for your patience.